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Related post: Several characteristics of the cells secreting these molecules have also been examined, particularly with a view to obtaining appropriate mutants for further fusion studies between various hybridomas. 21-19 Pn3-60'0 ZOl AI 00171-03 LIG Genetic Studies on Rabbit Immunoglobulins and Other Serum Proteins Initial steps in the purification of the rabbit immunoglobulin a3 heavy chain produced by 702 has shown that the majority of ELISA-positive material for rabbit immunoglobulin, and RIA-positive material for aS allotype, can be obtained by passing either ascites fluid or cell culture supernatant through DEAE-cel lulose at low ionic strength and constant pH. These findings were confirmed and quantitative data concerning the levels of rabbit Immunoglobulin were obtained using direct binding of radiolabeled DEAE-cel lulose fractions to immunoadsorbents. Ascites fluid produced by injection 10 7D2 cells into nude mice was found to be 100 fold more concentrated with respect to rabbit immunoglobulin chain than that present in 5X concentrated tissue culture supernatant obtained at a maximum cell density of 2 X 10 cells/ml. Rabbit immunoglobulin chain isolated from 702 ascites fluid by DEAE- cellulose ion exchange chromatography was radiolabeled Desogen Price and adsorbed onto ant1-a3 Sepharose. Adsorbed material was eluted and analyzed by SOS-PAGE. Material isolated from 7D2 ascites fluid when analyzed under non-reducing conditions on 5% SDS gel gave a single peak with a molecular weight of 130,000. The same sample, when reduced gave two peaks on 10% SDS gels with molecular weights of 53,000 and 22,000. The 7D2 a3 positive product quantitatively binds to goat anti-mouse L chain antibodies but not to any anti-rabbit L chain antisera. The chain composition of the 130,000 mol . wt. material is still unknown. It may be possible that 2 rabbit H chains are joined in some fashion to a single mouse L chain. The b4 light chain produced by cell line 12F2 has been isolated by procedures similar to those used for the 7D2 heavy chain. DEAE-cel lulose chromatography of ascites fluid, followed by immunoadsorbent and/or gel filtration chromatography yields a fairly pure product with a normal L chain molecular weight of 22,000, A mouse L chain is secreted by 12F2 along with the rabbit L chain but the two chains are not covalently associated and do not appear to be noncovalently associated either. Studies on the Isolation of the al lotype-negative, ELISA-positive L chain from cell line 2C4 have just been initiated. Propagation of an L chain producing hybridoma cell line (1D4P5) in ascites fluid produced sufficient material for preliminary structural analyses. Affinity purification on an anti-b5 Sepharose column yield approximately 1 mg of L chain which was used for sequence analysis. Twenty N-terminal residues were identified and these confirmed that this was a rabbit L chain. A minor sequence presumably from an Internal cleavage (position 138) was characteristic of the b5 allotype. Characterization and modification of rabbit-mouse hybrldomas . Wh i 1 e the fusion of mouse myeloma cells to rabbit splenocytes has proven a useable method to obtain at least a limited class of stable cell lines secreting rabbit products, the range of products available is limited by the chromosomal instability in that only one Ig chain has been stabilized per cell line and 21-20 ZOl AI U0171-03 LIG a great deal of work is required to obtain each line. These problems would be solved directly if a suitable rabbit myeloma cell were available. Unfortunately all attempts to obtain rabbit B cell lines have been unsuccessful in our hands. Viral transformation with a wide range of lymphotropic transforming viruses has not produced growth and the only known rabbit B cell tumor, the hereditary lymphosarcoma described by Fox at the Jackson Laboratory, could not be established in culture in experiments carried out in collaboration with Dr. George Moore at the Denver General Hospital . The most promising approach to altering the available repertoire of rabbit-mouse hybrids is to use stabilized rabbit-mouse hybridomas as parental lines for further fusions. Fusions may be done between hybridomas and rabbit splenocytes or between two hybridomas. Such fusions would yield cells producing complete IgG molecules and they might yield cells secreting the desired products at much higher rates. All that is required is the introduction of appropriate drug on metabolic sensitivities into the stable hybridomas. Sensitivity to HAT medium, which is the only thing required for fusion to splenocytes, is immediately available because, when Buy Desogen HAT medium is removed after hybridoma formation, the instability of rabbit chromosomal material assures a rapid and spontaneous loss of the rabbit HPRTase, with reversion to HAT sensitivity. Rabbit-mouse hybrids of H-chain-secreting and L-chain-secreting types have been cloned in 8-azaguanine to ensure HAT- sensitivity. Fusions using these clones will be done as soon as reagents are ready for a chain-specific ELISA screening assay. Fusions between two hybridomas require separate, complementary drug sensitivities in the fusion partners. In addition to HPRTase deficiency, APRTase and TKase deficiencies are easily introduced into these cells. Another type of experiment which will be done is to fuse a hybridoma to cytoplasts obtained from a hybridoma secreting the same type of immunoglobulin chain (H or L) but of a different allotypic specificity. In some schemes Desogen Cost for the regulation of allotype expression, cytoplasmic factors could be present which would induce synthesis of a new allotypic specificity upon cybrid formation. This will be tested using appropriate chloramphenicol- resistant mutants which have been cloned. Publications None 21-21 MITHSONIAN SCIENCE INFORMATION EXCHANGE PROJECT NUMBER (Do NOT use this space) U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH, EDUCATION, AND WELFARE
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